The idea

Ten years ago, researchers at the Department of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Florence began working on a process of thermal decomposition of tyres using microwaves as a source of energy. The aim of this research was to obtain a fully ecological tyre recycling process, avoiding the production of carbon dioxide or other pollutants and, at the same time, to produce secondary raw materials that could be reused. The first laboratory test was carried out on a small part of the tyre and then the study continued over the years through a series of experiments with bigger and bigger portions of the tyre, leading to the creation of a university prototype that could process a whole tyre with the same technology. From the decomposition of the tyres, performed with the university prototype, have been obtained secondary raw materials of solid nature (carbon black and harmonic steel), liquid (fuel oil with low sulphur content) and gaseous (mixture of gases similar to LPG) with excellent product quality.

The subsequent industrialization of the production chain carried out by Tyrebirth originates from this consolidated experimental and research activity involving the Chemistry Department of the University of Florence. The process has obtained several international research patents. Throughout the phase of industrialization and experimentation on single and multiple plants, Tyrebirth has been and will be assisted by a group of researchers of the University of Florence.