Who it is aimed at

Tyrebirth has carried out extensive research on the national and international markets, with the aim of identifying the reference markets for the sale of its ELT recycling plants.

This activity has resulted in 4 distinct groups of potential customers and/or partners:

  • Institutional entities that want to reduce the environmental impact of end-of-life tyres (ELTs).
  • Companies which are already established in the recycling business that want to expand the range of materials to be recycled and/or differentiate their disposal facilities.
  • Private investors interested in the business of smart recycling.
  • Tyre manufacturing companies interested to recover carbon black out of the production waste.

Currently the layout of the plant allows mainly the disposal of car tyres. Therefore, Tyrebirth has planned the construction of a plant with a pyrolysis chamber of a larger diameter, able to process also truck tyres without cutting them.

Moreover, the latest development of the plant, under study and planned for 2021, will provide a solution also for the market segment of the Off-the-Road tyres (OTR). 

For this market a new plant layout, suitable for handling large tyres, will be available.