Tyrebirth is an innovative start-up, born in 2017 thanks to the investments made by 5 Italian companies, established in different production areas, who believed in the research carried out by the Chemistry Department of the University of Florence, supported for years by one of these companies. Tyrebirth holds all the patents related to the innovative process resulting from this research into the use of microwaves for end-of-life tyres recycling.

Tyrebirth's aim was to industrialize the results obtained by the team of researchers at the University of Florence, through the construction of a plant for recycling ELTs on an industrial scale that could reproduce the results obtained by the university prototype.

To date, after several months of experimentation and testing with the industrial prototype, Tyrebirth has achieved its goal by demonstrating that its innovative microwave-based tyre recycling process is fully functional and performing even on an industrial scale.

Tyrebirth, in line with its strategic planning, has completed the construction of the plant in its complete configuration. The plant is operating in the Piombino factory.