The prototype

In 2018 Tyrebirth built its first 90 kg/h experimental industrial plant, the so-called "prototype", and installed it in its plant in Piombino, Tuscany.

In September 2018 the plant started to operate and tests were started with end-of-life tyres of different types and sizes, with increasing quantities of processed material.

The opening of this first plant has allowed Tyrebirth to start with the experimental phase of the entire production process, aimed at its industrialization.

The improvements achieved in the following 6 months of testing were very important both in terms of the efficiency of the prototype and in terms of the results obtained in the production of the second raw materials. This allowed Tyrebirth, even at this early stage of plant development, to demonstrate to customers and stakeholders the effectiveness of the process and the quality of the products obtained.

This has been essential for the overall growth of the company and represented the kick off for the construction of the industrial plant complete in its production line, that is with an inlet and preheating module, a microwave module and two cooling modules.

The final version of the plant is obviously equipped with a whole series of improvements and enhancements deriving from the experimentation carried out on the first prototype and has larger dimensions and improved performances.

The commissioning of the industrial plant allows to concretely illustrate the operating methods to the interested parties, who are also able to verify the quality and commercial value of the materials obtained, and to assess the extent of the impact of the proposed technological solution.